An article says “the theodolite” means “ God’s stone” but I prefer to take
the another article says “ it means to make clear remote scene”
 Decided the circumference as 360 at Ancient Babylonia and looks like they
already made π=3.12
Sokkisha has been manufacturing Theodolites( Transit) from the beginning of
the establishment of the company. They are looked excellent nice products from
the catalogue.
 Theodolites do the measurement of horizontal and vertical angle which is the
basic function of the survey. To make this function with high accuracy it is
necessary to have good rotation mechanism and good angle measurement system
and the structure to equipped them. We describe here former two issues.
In the record the word of the theodolite appeared in the books by Mr. Digges
(English person?) in 1571. It must be either the Greece or Latin language.
After that the theodolites equipped vernia reading system who was invented
by Mr. Vernia and added new invention of the scale graduation system, optical
micrometer, glass scale etc 、with new machinery technology from the taper
conical vertical axis to the improved steal straight axis and with new
telescope technology etc.
The digital reading system with the various latest electronics technologies
made the electronic theodolite now.
We describe here Sokkisha’s more basic technologies before equipped electronics

Fuji type Transit around 1925.

1.Transit No.10 released.

 In 1956 Developed vernier type microscope reading Artillery Engineering Transit,
and Lupe “magnifier” reading Transit No.10 with reference to European theodolites.
Released Artillery Engineering Transit in 1958 with a little acceptances.
No.10 Transit was released in 1959 got popular acceptance.
This No.10 transit had a conical vertical axis.
No10 had become the best seller insturment in the world.


2.Theodolite TM-10

 Released the First Theodlolite TM-10 in Japan.
Started to adopt the cylindrical vertical axis ( double axis).
Sokkisha however did not have the skill to work with the steel
but used outer sources to manufacture.


3.Theodolite TM1

First 1 second reading Theodolite in Japan.
1st order certification by GSI.

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